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2.  Hydro-Electric, Solar & Battery Energy System 

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Hydro-Electric Energy System

The Hydroelectic, Solar and Battery system is part of a 3 tier renewable energy power system designed as a switching system that exceeds a net zero efficiency.  Energy storage is needed to "balance load" and to shift energy consumption so that more existing generating capacity is used efficiently and to ensure there is no break in service during the seconds-to-minutes required to switch from one power generation source to another.  The integrated engineering creates a state-of-the-art, off the grid 2 MW Hydro-Electric, Solar Energy and Battery Bank power system. All 3 energy tiers are integrated into a Smart Grid Control Station to power Rogue River Eco-Village Destination Resort.  


The Hydro-Electric System starts with an all natural looking rock banked water diverter channel coming off the Rogue River integrated into the water delivery system that supplies the hydroelectric sys- tem, municipal, potable and irrigation water.  The diverter channel design goes through a series of diversion water canal circuits interfac- ing with seasonal creeks, collection ponds, rain cisterns, storm rain run-off catches, irrigation ponds and over flows return water back to the reservoir lake system designed for Hydro-Electric power.  There are various overflow systems designed for in-stream return back to the Rogue River.

The canal system operates on a state-of-the-art Control Station that directs and controls water volume, loads and pressure from the diverter channel coming off the Rogue River and the reservoir lake intake with gravity fed circuits involved in hydroelectric power generation.  The RREVDR Water Harvesting System borrows from ancient water harvest- ing technology and uses new green permaculture technology.  This is a natural evolution and solution to develop new water delivery systems in the new emerging  paradigm of off-the-grid ecovillages.  This water system improves the efficiency of hydro power production, range land conservancy programs, water storage, water filtration, storm run offs from seasonal creeks. 


All additional and excess energy not being used or stored returns back into the grid creating a continuous revenue stream.  The Hydro Electric system has no visible industrial or commercial equipment. Powerhouse, pinwheel, generators, pumps, piping, water gates, electrical conduits are either hidden or disguised creating an all natural looking water distri- bution system.  The entire water system is an intricate water design delivery system of water distribution, water usage, water conservation, water efficiency.

Solar System System

The Solar Energfy System integrates the solar farm array area and matrixes with all the solar roofs and microfilm solar windows in the RREVDR including homes, industrial & commercial buildings that are all wired into the smart grid that is operated, monitored and managed by the Energy Control Station.  The solar system performs at a net zero efficiency during summer season while the hydro power system performs at a net zero efficiency during winter season.  The solar system uses integrative engineering to interface with water systems to power solar pumps, water control gates, reservoir cirsuits, valves, switching relays.  The solar system is also intregrated with the battery bank system to store unused energ.  All excess energy that is not being used or stored into the battery bank system returns to the the PPL grid that created a continuous revenue stream.  The Enetgy Control station links the solar system into a smart grid switching system for switching homes, commericcal and industrial buildings between the 3 tier energy system. 

Liquid Continuous Flow Battery Bank System

The  Liquid Continuous Flow Battery Bank System is a major integrative engineering part of the RREVDR 3 tier energy power systems that is integrated with with the Hybrid Solar and Hydro-Electric Energy Power Systems. Since the Solar and Hydroelectric generates power in the same way as a traditional grid-feed hydro/solar system,  RREVDR also stores hydro electric and solar energy in a battery bank system allowing energy to be used at later time through a complete energy management system.


Redox and vanadium flow battery technology is expanding and offers an economical, low vulnerability means to store electrical energy at grid scale. These flow batteries also offer greater flexibility to independently tailor power rating and energy rating. Redox flow batteries are suitable for energy storage applications with power ratings from 10’s of kW to 10’s of MW.  RREVDR battery bank systems is an interactive Grid system engineered for off-grid and hybrid installations which requires a high level of power management through the Energy Control Station. 


Powerful software runs interactive inverters enabling advanced energy management such as peak shaving, plus data logging and PLC capabilities through digital input/outputs and relay controls.  RREVDR large battery banks incorporate specialized battery monitoring and temperature sensors.  Software also regulates the power to and from the grid (grid-feed), monitors power usage and  can automatically start and run back-up generators.  The high-end inverters are capable of handling very high surge loads (electric motors, compressors, turbines) and can pass through additional power directly from the grid if the batteries are low or the load is very high.

The software is also integrated into the smart meters interface and back-end data management that can show homeowners and users energy data usage, peak and off time rates, utility bills.  The key features of RREVDR interactive grid hybrid system integrated with battery bank system are listed below:

           Interfaces with Smart Meters EMS (Energy Management System)

           Off-grid/hybrid battery inverter to supply high continuous power

            Advanced multi-stage charger for lead-acid or lithium batteries

            Automatic AC transfer switch (UPS function)

            High pass through power capability

            High surge load capability

            Generator control – Auto start / stop

            Remote monitoring

            Grid feed-in when excess power is generated

            Peak shaving to reduce peak demand

            Load shifting and advanced energy demand management

Smart Grid Control Station 

The Smart Grid Control Station is tied to an interface substation connected to the PPL grid with the latest, state-of-the art software, digital switching equipment to manage, monitor and program 3 renewable ener- gy systems- Hydro-Electric, Solar and Battery Bank.  Maintenance engineers program the best energy usage delivery with state-of-the-art smart interactive grid system enabling the control station to switch power between the 3 renewable energy systems.  All homes, industrial, com- mercial buildings have a Smart Meter tied to the Control Station.  RREVDR uses Smart Grid technologies to save energy, seek out the lowest rates, and contribute to the smooth and efficient functioning of the green proprietary grid.  RREVDR Smart Grid technologies are utilized in the smart meter to function in a interactive two-way communication rela- tionship in a home energy management System (EMS) allowing home- owners to view and to track energy use in detail to better save energy. Homeowners can see the energy impact of various appliances, electronic products by monitoring EMS while switching the devices on and off.

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The Control station data center streams data via ethernet to the the homeowners smart meter.  Computerized controls in your home and appliances can be set up to respond to signals from the Control Center to minimize energy use at times when the power grid is under stress from high demand or to shift some of  power use to times when power is available at a lower cost.  The Smart meters will deliver signals from the Control Station that can help the homeowner cut energy costs and provide greater information about how much electricity is being used in peak and off peak.  EMS  allows the homeowner to monitor real-time information and price signals from the Control Center and create settings to automatically use power when prices are lowest and choosing settings that allow specific appliances and equipment to turn off automatically in peak demand times and avoiding peak demand rates. RREVDR EMS provides the ability to turn on the heater or air conditioner from work when you’re about to go home or keep track of the energy use of specific appliances or equipment.

Homeowners can track the energy use of a pool pump, or seeing how much energy you saved from an Energy Star dishwasher or program the smart air conditioner to extend its cycle time slightly to reduce its load on the grid .Smart appliances can also respond to signals from the Control Center to avoid using energy during times of peak demand. A smart refrigerator can defer its defrost cycle until off-peak hours, a smart dish-washer and washing machine can defer running until off-peak hours. All usage is recorded in the software for utility billing purposes and showing real-time energy usage in peak and non peak times.  All excess energy not used or stored goes back  into the grid creating a continuous revenue stream.  All water, hydro electric solar energy and battery energy usage is tied into the smart meters software.

23 Green Business Partners

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Coalition of 23 Green Anchor Businesses Summary

The Coalition of 23 Green Anchor Businesses is formed as an integral part of the RREVDR business plan and eco-village destination resort management services.   Their expertise, dedication, experience, resources and management in their respective eco-resort green business service adds value to the RREVDR intellectual property and greatly expands RREVDR branding in ecotourism and geotourism internationally.


The Coalition of 23 Green Anchor Businesses is a major part of the RREVDR marketing campaigns where ecotourism agencies worldwide will book various types of RREVDR destination retreat packages.  Each of the 23 Green Businesses are networked into ecological, social and economic sustainability while working together in marketing and cross-promotions campaigns internationally.   All 23 Green Anchor Business are integrated into equity partnerships with exclusive international RREVDR branding rights tied to proprietary services and products, intellectual property, options for participating in research and development contracts, sales and licensing agreements, merchandising and revenue sharing that includes destination resort tours, entrance fees, various eco-resort and green recreational ecotourism programs and packages.  

Each Green Business will purchase land parcels for their anchor business and will fund and build their own separate business infrastructure developments, construction, employee base and have their own separate business identity and proprietary equip-ment.   They will be able to use the applicable RREVDR green electricity, water, sewage, waste management and all the destination resort services listed in the RREVDR Green Anchor Business Agreement.   


Each of the 23 Green Businesses listed below will be part of the RREVDR international brand messaging, cross-promotions, brand packaging and will share in the resort revenue profits.  All 23 Green Businesses will participate and make available their respective business service in RREVDR green eco-resort tours for public, schools, strategic partners, tour groups, media, celebrities and research programs worldwide.

The RVEVDR development has outlined a charter to operate as a quasi-municipality corporate entity and HOA integrating 450 green homes with 23 Green Anchor Businesses.   Please contact us regarding your green business interest, expertise and participation capabilities.   We're looking for like-minded visionaries and green businesses to join our RREVDR elite green design team. 

The World's First Integrated Smart Grid Eco-Village Destination Resort Community in a Sustainable
Model of Responsible Stewardship on 2,110 Acres with Off-Grid Renewable Green Energy
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