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16.   Community Center Clubhouse  & Organic Cafeteria

The RREVDR Community Center Clubhouse & Organic Cafeteria  serves as the heartbeat of the social residential community for the 450 residents and Coalition of 22 Green Anchor Businesses. Within a spectacular, spacious, green designed and festive clubhouse ambiance, residents and guests can interact and participate in many diverse activities, programs, calendar events, meetings, lectures and socialize in the ultimate setting.  With so many options to choose from, residents can interact in many social settings from dining, exercising in the recreation room or playing billiards and card games, soaking in the jacuzzi, attending a community calendar event, volunteering on a committee, walking to the outdoor amphitheater event with friends,  participating in sports activities like tennis, swimming, or walking though a community garden with friends. There is always something for everyone at the Community Center Clubhouse.  There is also a large digital bulletin board that lists all the upcoming RREVDR activities, programs, events and services allowing for quick information access.

Working closely with the Home Owners Association and the Green Bus-iness Owners Association, the RREVDR Community Center Clubhouse and Organic Cafeteria develops many different committees to provide resi- dents a wide selection of activities, programs and events.  While RREVDR is a ecotourism resort that brings international visitors and guests, there is a top priority to create and maintain  privacy, separation, autonomy and independence for the RREVDR  homeowners and residents. 


Many events, activities and programs are for residents only.  There are some programs and activities in the Community Center Clubhouse that are for ecotourism visitors that are part of the eco tourism resort packages. The HOA works closely with residents and the event committees to ensure that the activities and event schedules do not interfere or cause problems. However there are some large events like festivals, concerts, expos and conferences that the residents and eco tourist visitors share.

The large 3 story Community Center Clubhouse has a magnificent green design that includes tall, beam and vaulted ceilings, stunning green design treatments, Spanish tile, large window treatments with green views, exotic indoor plants, fish aquariums, discreet lighting, local art work, outdoor lighted central courtyard.   The Community Center Clubhouse has many features and capabilities to provide a wide range of programs, entertainment, activities, meetings, gatherings, parties, banquets.  There is are several rec rooms that provide many  diverse activities from billiards tables, darts, ping pong, chess board tables, card game tables, foosball,  pinball machines, exercise room with weight training equipment.   There is also a juice bar that adjoins a social lounge with large stone fireplace with sofas, chairs, big screen plasma TV.  The social lounge has a sports bar ambience with organic smoothies with additional  capacity for coffee and tea beverages.   The large social lounge enables residents to participate in many fun activities from karaoke, movie nights on the big plasma TV screen, games, social events or mingling over to the pool courtyard or to the outside tables and chairs.  

The Community Center Clubhouse is a fun, exciting and creative atmos- phere to meet and greet others and to find out what calendar events are planned on the digital bulletin board.  Visitors, residents and guests can circulate in an exciting environment with many entertaining options to interact, socialize, and meet other guests, or just hanging out with friends and family.


The swimming pool, tennis courts, basketball courts, jacuzzi and spas are also centrally located within short  walking distance to the  Community Center Clubhouse.  The Healing Center & Spa is also nearby to enable many of the health activities and  programs available in the Community Clubhouse. There is a beautiful central outdoor lighted courtyard garden that unifies access to all of the facilities of the organic cafeteria, dining hall, pool, jacuzzi, tennis courts, exercise room, rec rooms, meeting and conference rooms, health spa, bathrooms and showers.  The are also  several different entrance doors that makes access to the Community Center Clubhouse more convenient. 

The Community Center Clubhouse also houses the Organic Cafeteria and Dining Room.  There is a large commercial kitchen with full service capabilities. Adjoining the kitchen area is a dining hall  with tables and chairs with an adjacent outside terrace court with covered patio with tables and chairs.  There are also clusters of outdoor gazebos with more tables and chairs and nearby covered picnic tables.   The Dining Room has beautiful design treatments featuring  a large indoor performance stage for dining entertainment and performance venues.  This dining hall is a multi-function room can be used for many events, activities, programs.  The Organic Cafeteria uses the farm’s organic produce, fruits, dairy, poultry, herbs, meat and fish where everything is organic farm fresh creating a gourmet organic cuisine experience. Kitchen staff serves delicious, healthy organic meals crafted with mindfulness and care. The commercial kitchen is equipped with commercial-grade appliances that can be used by residents, outside caters, event producers renting the facilities in a resort packages.

The Spacious Community Clubhouse Center has 3 floors with several large access doors leading to different sections of the Community Center from dining hall, social lounge, rec rooms, lecture rooms, exercise room, conference rooms, offices. The second and third floor has offices and meeting rooms that can be used for many different functions, management services and operations.   On the roof top of the 3rd floor is a spectacular courtyard terrace with juice bar and smaller kitchen.   The rooftop of has canopy umbrella covered tables and chairs with perfect view of outdoor amphitheater stage. This Rooftop Terrace Court- yard  has spectacular views that overlook the amphitheater stage on one side and overlook the pool & jacuzzi on another side.  The Rooftop Terrace Courtyard  has beautiful views of gardens, water canals, ponds and can be used for many VIP events, banquets, parties and social events.The the Homeowners Association operates and manages various scheduled calendar events, programs and activities in the Community Center Clubhouse.  The Community Center Club- house has diverse facilities for many different events for community and corporate events, banquets, weddings and parties.  Corporate retreat packages can be tied to amphitheater events include various amenities in the Clubhouse including the Rooftop Terrace Courtyard, lodging and dining.  The room size areas can be subdivided into smaller or larger areas with various table and chairs layouts, design themes and customized configurations.

23 Green Business Partners

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 Coalition of 23 Green Anchor Businesses Summary

The Coalition of 23 Green Anchor Businesses is formed as an integral part of the RREVDR business plan and eco-village destination resort management services.   Their expertise, dedication, experience, resources and management in their respective eco-resort green business service adds value to the RREVDR intellectual property and greatly expands RREVDR branding in ecotourism and geotourism internationally.


The Coalition of 23 Green Anchor Businesses is a major part of the RREVDR marketing campaigns where ecotourism agencies worldwide will book various types of RREVDR destination retreat packages.  Each of the 22 Green Businesses are networked into ecological, social and economic sustainability while working together in marketing and cross-promotions campaigns internationally.   All 23 Green Anchor Business are integrated into equity partnerships with exclusive international RREVDR branding rights tied to proprietary services and products, intellectual property, options for participating in research and development contracts, sales and licensing agreements, merchandising and revenue sharing that includes destination resort tours, entrance fees, various eco-resort and green recreational ecotourism programs and packages.  

Each Green Business will purchase land parcels for their anchor business and will fund and build their own separate business infrastructure developments, construction, employee base and have their own separate business identity and proprietary equipment.   They will be able to use the applicable RREVDR green electricity, water, sewage, waste management and all the destination resort services listed in the RREVDR Green Anchor Business Agreement.   


Each of the 23 Green Businesses listed below will be part of the RREVDR international brand messaging, cross-promotions, brand packaging and will share in the resort revenue profits.  All 23 Green Businesses will participate and make available their respective business service in RREVDR green eco-resort tours for public, schools, strategic partners, tour groups, media, celebrities and research programs worldwide.

The RVEVDR development has outlined a charter to operate as a quasi-municipality corporate entity and HOA integrating 450 green homes with 23 Green Anchor Businesses.   Please contact us regarding your green business interest, expertise and participation capabilities.   We're looking for like-minded visionaries and green businesses to join our RREVDR elite green design team. 

The World's First Integrated Smart Grid Eco-Village Destination Resort Community in a Sustainable
Model of Responsible Stewardship on 2,110 Acres with Off-Grid Renewable Green Energy
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