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We are seeking a major investor, stakeholder, equity stake owner who shares the green passion and vision as our design team.  For over 3 years, the RREVDR research, planning and creative networking has been expanding and moving forward.  Following our 12 pointed chart diagram (at the right), we have organized our strategy, business planning and our core resources and consultants into a creative team workforce. This  unique, massive, one-of-a-kind destination resort project has been well-planned, detailed and structured with all the important elements accomplished to move forward.  Secondary growth & expansion planning stages are in place to advance RREVDR into forming its own quasi-municipality of self-government jurisdiction.  Below is a list of the key Project Highlights. 

  1.     Scenic rural land--unlimited water rights & subdivision Rights

  2.     County Planning support as a strategic alliance parttner

  3.     Subdivision entitlements in destination resort zoning

  4.     Civil Engineering team

  5.     Hydroelectric Power engineerin team

  6.     Solar Power consultants   

  7.     Green Architects & Landscape Architects 

  8.     Farm & Ranch consultants

  9.     Well Driller and Water Engineering Team

10.     23 Green Anchor Businesses

11.     List of interested new green home buyers

12.     Alliance with Nature Conservancy

13.     Alliance with Confederated Tribes of Grande Ronde & Umpqua

12.     Partial & Completed feasibility studies transferable from the

a.   Water Study

b.   Wetlands Survey

c.   Traffic & Roadway Survey

d.   Environmental Survey

      previous bankrupt golf resort project on the same property

e.   Species Survey

f.    Archeology Study

g.   Historical Study

i.    Transportation

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Below is a list of Multi-Billionaire Visionary Investors we are trying to reach. With global expansion in ecotourism, sustain-  able tourism, renewable energy and sustainable eco-village developments, RREVDR is designed to integrate environment-tal, economic, and social sustainability change. We invite everyone to network resources to help create funding partners in the RREVDR project.

Mark Zuckerberg & Chan Zuckerberg 
Facebook founder's $51.8 billion Net worth; inter- ested in green building industry; giving the majority of wealth to "advancing human potential & promoting equality" in the spirit of The Giving Pledge. 

Paul Gardner Allen

Microsoft co-founder manages business and philan-thropic efforts in multi-billion dollar investment portfolio includes technology, media, and content.

Warren Buffet & Son (Peter Buffet

Warren Buffet funds son's NoVo Foundation dedicated to transformation in global society, moving from domina- tion and exploitation to equality and partnership.   

Bill Gates

Microsoft founder; wealthiest man in the world; invests and donates to philantropic projects; charitable organ-ization and scientific research programs

Steve Wozniak
Apple founder and founder of Unite Us In Song; primarily tasked with supporting educational and philanthropic projects.

Larry Ellison 
fifth-wealthiest person in the world with $56.2 bil- lion net worth; has his assets in a trust to give away 95 percent of my wealth to charitable causes

Charles and David Koch

Philanthropist; support public policy & research to develop voluntary, market-based solutions to social problems; founder of Charles Koch Foundation giving grants for programs that analyze how free societies advance the well-being of mankind.

Larry Page

Google co-founder and CEO) of Google's parent company, Alphabet Inc. seeking to deliver major advancements in industries; an investor in Tesla Motors and renewable energy technology,, Google's philanthropic arm, promotes alternative energy investments.


Jeff Bezos

Amazon founder, $51.8 billion Net worth; donates to environmental initiatives, disaster relief and non-profit projects, education, research

Elon Musk
Founder CEO of Tesla Inc. has goals of SolarCity, Tesla, and SpaceX to change the world and humanity; sustainable energy production and consumption.

1.   Creative Green Passion

We're seeking to unite with a major investor, equity stake owner who not only shares our green passion and vision, but a maverick, visionary thinker desiring to be part of building an elite team of top system engineers, green architects, permaculture designers, land- scape architects, solar and hydroelectric developers, renewable en- ergy consultants, hydrologists, geologists, water engineers, land use consultants and green business developers that assembles one of the most innovative green think-tank engineering coalitions ever created.

2.   Billionaire Visionary Thinker

We see the RREVDR project in the same visionary genius thinking as Walt Disney, a visionary, maverick thinker who created what had never been built before. The RREVDR development project is worthy of a top billionaire visionary thinker to join our team and be an innovative, principle leader.  We've turned down venture capitalists and attorneys who want to raise money through SEC fund raising in public exchanges listing securities and bringing in outside funding. That process brings in risks and complications.  


3.   Equity Stake Owner Land Purchase

We believe the business plan foundation starts in the strong financially capitalized, leadership strength of a billionaire equity stake owner to purchase the land, secure the water rights, and finish the feasibility studies to transfer the zoning change to a destination resort which will increase the land value 20 times its purchase price.  We have designed a detailed strategy to achieve this goal.


4.   Business Plan Execution

There are several business plan strategy outlines that can be exe- cuted after the 3 steps above are secured.  Depending on the equity stake owners resources and positioned industry strengths, financial budget construction staging process and master plan time-line, there are several business plan outline options.  The Coalition of 22 Green Anchor Businesses can be positioned in several ways as equity investors before or after the finalization of Step 3 above.

5.   Master Plan & Construction Execution

This phase finalizes the integrative engineering processes in the master plan and staging and unifies all the strategic alliances and allocates final budgetary with all the design firms, architects, engi- neers, permaculture designers, contractors and consultants. 


6.   Management & Operations Execution

This phase finalizes upper and lower management employment po- sitions, employees, contractors and secures all startup functions and duties integrated into sales, marketing & management operations.


The World's First Integrated Smart Grid Eco-Village Destination Resort Community in a Sustainable
Model of Responsible Stewardship on 2,110 Acres with Off-Grid Renewable Green Energy
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