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The Rogue River Eco-Village Destination Resort (RREVDR) development project is a massive green building development project that consists of putting together a diverse creative elite team by creating a select group of engineers, sustainable community planners, renewable energy consultants, agriculture advisors, green building experts, and design firms who can work together in round table discussions and think-tank sessions.  Our team job walks on this spectacular 2,110 acres involves an integrated engineering design approach to sustainable Eco-Village community living. Our technology designs and constructions in the water distribution systems, renew-able energy systems, agriculture systems, living biological sewage system, green building design system must all be integrative in enhancing the ecosystems that meets or exceeds the highest standards of sustainable development. There can be no adverse or harmful effects to the environment, ecology and delicate ecosystems.

State, Federal & County Agencies

Jackson County Planning Department

Jackson County Land

Nature Conservancy

National Oceanic & Atmospheric Fisheries

Oregon Water Resources Department

Oregon Hydro Electric Projects

Oregon State Fish & Wildlife

Oregon Department of State Lands

Oregom Department of Forestry

Oregon State Historic Preservation Office

Army Core of Engineers

Bureau of Reclamation

NOAA Fisheries West Coast Region

Oregon State Parks & Recreation

Oregon Department of Environmental Quality

The opportunities of this project with the unlimited water rights, the pump station capabilities right off the Rogue River and the positive support with Jackson County Planning Department as a strategic alliance make this project one of a kind.  The creative challenge of this enormous project in the heartland of the most spectacular, undisturbed, rural country land next to the historic wild and scenic Rogue River, involves the creative team development planning that meets or exceeds the regulatory compliance and enforcements of the following agencies.  There have been many meetings and dialogues with positive support among the following agencies below. 

We are inviting the best green building experts, the top sustainable community planners, the most visionary permaculture designers and the expert renewable energy engineers to create an elite integrative engineering design team.  We are interested in meeting new visionary people who have the same green passion, creativity and maverick thinking.   Contact us and we can share our resources, planning and discuss the potential for you to join our team.  Below are the categories of the RREVDR development project.  Let us know your creative strengths and talents.


Agriculture Lab




Animal Husbandry

Animal Training


Amphitheater Events


Biological Sewage

Care Farming

Children’s Activities.

Culinary Organic Cooking

Community Center

Community Supported Ag

Eco-Tourism Marketing

Employment Center


Equine Center

Equine Therapy

Event Management

Farm Store/Gift Shop

Farmers Market


Farmers Market


Fitness Trainer

Flow Batteries

Garden Design


Grant Writing

Green Construction

Green Home Designs

Green Home Buyer

Green Houses

Health Practitioner

Health Spa

Historical Reenactments

HOA Department

Hydro-Electric Energy


Indigenous Folklore

Indigenous Village


Investor Relations

Irrigation Systems


Land Use Consulting

Landscape Architecture

Learning Center


Maintenance & Repair


Massage Therapy

Mechanical Engineering

Media Department

Municipality Development


Organic Cafeteria

Permaculture Design

Permaculture Research

Permaculture Workshops

Petting Zoo

Project Management


Rangeland Conservancy

Recreation Department

Research Programs


River Sports

RV Park

Research & Development

Sales & Marketing

Sacred Site Tours

Soil Chemistry

Solar Energy

Solar Pumps


Sports & Fitness

Strategic Partners

Sustainable Consultants

Tour Guides

Tour Programs

Youth Programs

Vineyard & Winery


Water Systems

Wilderness Treks

Wilderness Guide


The World's First Integrated Smart Grid Eco-Village Destination Resort Community in a Sustainable
Model of Responsible Stewardship on 2,110 Acres with Off-Grid Renewable Green Energy
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