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15.   Water Harvesting, Treatment & Delivery System


The RREVDR water system is an elaborate, spectacular intricate water canal system for water usage, water conservation, water recycling, water re- turns and water efficiency while optimizing the Rogue River ecosystem with improved efficiency in a constructed wetland mitigation pro- gram.  Borrowing from the ancient Mesopotamian and Byzantine water systems, RREVDR water system is a series of rock banked water canal circuits interfacing with seasonal creeks, collection ponds, rain cisterns, storm rain run-off catches, irrigation ponds, reservoir lake, recycled water storeage areas, over flows that return water back to the reservoir lake and overflow systems designed for in-stream returns back to the Rogue River.  This water system improves the efficiency of all water systems used in hydro power production, range land conservancy programs, water storage, water filtration, storm run offs from seasonal creeks. 

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Unique integrative water engineering designs deliver potable, municipal and irrigation water throughout the eco-resort to green homes, industrial buildings, multi-functional farm zones, green houses, gardens, orchards, aquaponics, botanical and herb gardens, ranch, landscaping, reforestation area, rangeland and habitat conservancy programs.  Excess water is returned to creeks and streams that are fed back to the Rogue River insuring proper land stewardship in sustainability.  The Water Harvesting & Delivery Systems Interface with Hydro-Electric System, Agriculture System and Architecture System that is part of the integrative engineering designs.


The RREVDR has designed a state-of-the-art water Harvesting, Treatment and Distribution system that begins with borrowed water coming  from the main Rogue River Diverter Channel.  The Diverter Channel forms the beginning of a V channel circuit with dedicated natural looking rock- banked canals routed for potable, municipal, industrial. hydro-electric and farming operations. 


The Water Treatment process is a natural treatment system that is engi- neered as a whole system process utilizing several water harvesting de- livery subsystems.  After water is harvested from the many resources, it is then integrated into a complex treatment delivery system that routes water to the water treatment process station. A series of treatment ponds, collection ponds, irrigation reservoir, lake reservoir and wells are all controlled and managed by the Water Control Station. 


Water canal circuits route the water into a natural filtration system dome building struc- ture that uses a series of sediment filters, charcoal, fil- tration stations that then moves water into underground piping directed to all homes, commercial, industrial buildings.  All equipment used in the water treat- ment system including piping systems, pumps, filtration systems, control gates, switching valves are either hidden or disguised in order to maintain the Rogue River wild and scenic regulatory com- pliance. The only visible structure in the water treatment plant is the Dome Building that uses a spectacular dome design integrated with permaculture architectural landscape design.


Only potable drinking water is distributed in underground piping delivered to all homes, commercial and industrial buildings. All other water delivery systems for farming, irri- gation, hydroelectric power, instream water returns to Rogue River, water storage, water catchments, collection ponds, treatment ponds, lake reservoir, constructed wetlands use the rock banked canal circuits that integrate with dedicated water distribution canal circuits.  A series of beautiful water canal circuits delivers water to eco-farm, multi-function farm areas, community gar- dens, orchards, aquaponics, greenhouses, vineyard,  water collection sites, water grazing sites for animals in Equine Center, Eco Ranch, Petting Zoo.

All water recycling, in-stream returns to the Rogue River are all designed into a comprehensive integrated engineering water delivery system using the highest standards that exceeds the regulatory compliance of all federal and state regulatory agencies.   Innovative architecture and  permaculture designs are used to disguise or hide all water system delivery equipment including including pump stations, turbines, control gates, water filtration, line pumps and recycle systems.  


Over flow return system returns water back to the reservoir lake and in-stream return back to the Rogue River.  This water system improves the efficiency of hydro power production, range land conservancy programs, water storage, water filtration, storm run offs from seasonal creeks.


The Permaculture Research Center interfaces with the Water Control Sta- tion to monitor, study and research the effectiveness of  all water systems and operations including hydroelectric renewable energy water usage and performance.  Priority is maintained to conserve, reduce and recycle all water and power usage.  The Control Water Station operates in joint re- search and internships programs with agribusiness strategic partners.    


1.    RREVDR  Water Capture & Storage System

Multiple water sources before treatment & distribution. This includes Rogue River, Collections Ponds, Reservoir Lake. Wells, Creeks, Rain Cisterns, Storm Run-off, Water Catch-ments

2.   RREVDR Water Treatment System

Constructed Wetlands, Charcoal  Filtration ozone, Ultraviolet, Electro-Dialysis, Reverse Osmosis

3.    RREVDR Distribution System

Diverter Channel, Water Circuits & Water Canals, Rainwater and Irrigation Networks, Pump Station Systems, Pipes, Valves, Control Gates, Solar pumps

4.   RREVDR Wastewater System

Multiple  systems remove, treat and  recycle waste water, contaminates, pollutants, chemicals, microorganisms and biosolids for discharge. Biological Living System Sewage Waste Plant interfaces with integrative designs that enhance the ecosystem; Rain Gardens, Green Roofs, Water-efficient appliances and landscape are examples of decentralized water technologies in action.

                                                      Coalition of 23 Green Anchor Businesses Summary


The Coalition of 23 Green Anchor Businesses is formed as an integral part of the RREVDR business plan and eco-village destination resort management services.   Their expertise, dedication, experience, resources and management in their respective eco-resort green business service adds value to the RREVDR intellectual property and greatly expands RREVDR branding in ecotourism and geotourism internationally.


The Coalition of 23 Green Anchor Businesses is a major part of the RREVDR marketing campaigns where ecotourism agencies worldwide will book various types of RREVDR destination retreat packages.  Each of the 23 Green Businesses are networked into ecological, social and economic sustainability while working together in marketing and cross-promotions campaigns internationally.   All 23 Green Anchor Business are integrated into equity partnerships with exclusive international RREVDR branding rights tied to proprietary services and products, intellectual property, options for participating in research and develop-ment contracts, sales and licensing agreements, merchandising and revenue sharing that includes destination resort tours, entrance fees, various eco-resort and green recreational ecotourism programs and packages.  

Each Green Business will purchase land parcels for their anchor business and will fund and build their own separate business infrastructure developments, construction, employee base and have their own separate business identity and proprietary equip-ment.   They will be able to use the applicable RREVDR green electricity, water, sewage, waste management and all the destination resort services listed in the RREVDR Green Anchor Business Agreement.   


Each of the 23 Green Businesses listed below will be part of the RREVDR international brand messaging, cross-promotions, brand packaging and will share in the resort revenue profits.  All 23 Green Businesses will participate and make available their respective business service in RREVDR green eco-resort tours for public, schools, strategic partners, tour groups, media, celebrities and research programs worldwide.

The RVEVDR development has outlined a charter to operate as a quasi-municipality corporate entity and HOA integrating 450 green homes with 23 Green Anchor Businesses.   Please contact us regarding your green business interest, expertise and participation capabilities.   We're looking for like-minded visionaries and green businesses to join our RREVDR elite green design team. 

The World's First Integrated Smart Grid Eco-Village Destination Resort Community in a Sustainable
Model of Responsible Stewardship on 2,110 Acres with Off-Grid Renewable Green Energy
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