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          ECO RANCH


4.   Eco Ranch

RREVDR Sustainable Eco Ranch operates as an integrative system that combines programs with Equine Center, Petting Zoo, Animal Therapy, Care Farm Programs, Animal Rescue.  It also operates in research and internship programs.  With emphasis in green or-ganic practices, RREVDR Sustainable Eco Ranch uses the highest standards for animal ranch lifestyle. Animals are inte- grated into sustainable ranch practices and programs with natural foraging, organic feed, free range & rotational pastures.  Options are available to expand animals-- Horses, Cattle, Goats, Buffalo, Donkeys, Pigs, Miniature Horses, Ponies, Sheep, Alpacas and Lamas, Mules Chickens. Horses interact in grazing pastures and meadows with other ranch animals including cows, goats, llamas, alpacas, sheep donkeys. With careful management and rotational grazing, animals provide a sustaining ecological func- tion that conserves and protects the range land and increases the biomass and diversity available for other species.

RREVDR Eco Ranch imitates Nature by restoring landscapes and speeding up processes of natural succession by planting many useful species together and letting them play out their natural evolution. By carefully observing the natural progression, we can guide the system to maturity. In an overgrazed pas- ture, we can introduce a beneficial weevil to control thistles. We plant annual and perennial legumes to fix nitrogen in the soil.  By establishing useful species like alfalfa, comfrey and prairie coneflower, this will help speed the progression to a productive, self-reliant system.   To get the regenerative process off to a good start, we introduce beneficial pioneer trees, such as black locust, along fence lines.  Although the pasture must at first be protected from cattle, in time it will support grazing, and will also produce firewood, herbs and fruit.  

Diversity in a sustainable eco farm system is indicated not by the number of its components, but by the number of symbiotic rela-tionships among them.  Multiple associations nurture each life form, thereby increasing the stability and resilience of the whole system. The edge between two ecosystems can have diverse relationships between land species, water species, and special-ized wetland species.  RREVDR uses clean technologies that rely  on gravity, radiant and renewable energy and natural materials while imitating nature.

Organic Sustainable Ranching Design Principles

a.  Organize Sustainability Plan, Habitat Conservation Plan

b.  Expand Permaculture Strategy in All Sustainable Systems 

c.   Management Focus on Environmental, Social & Economic

d.  Adapt Operations/Building/Management for Improvement

e.  Adopt Sustainable Ranching Practices That Apply to the Focus

f.   Create Local Conservation District & State Coalition Relationship 

g.  Design Components Having Multiple Functions for Each Element

h.  Using Biological Resources & Recycling Energy & Nutrients

i.   Maximize Diversity by the Increasing Symbiotic Relationships

j.   Imitate Nature  Mimicking Natural Succession

23 Green Business Partners

Click on One of the 23 Anchor Businesses

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                                                      Coalition of 23 Green Anchor Businesses Summary


The Coalition of 23 Green Anchor Businesses is formed as an integral part of the RREVDR business plan and eco-village destination resort management services.   Their expertise, dedication, experience, resources and management in their respective eco-resort green business service adds value to the RREVDR intellectual property and greatly expands RREVDR branding in ecotourism and geotourism internationally.


The Coalition of 23 Green Anchor Businesses is a major part of the RREVDR marketing campaigns where ecotourism agencies worldwide will book various types of RREVDR destination retreat packages.  Each of the 23 Green Businesses are networked into ecological, social and economic sustainability while working together in marketing and cross-promotions campaigns interna-tionally.   All 23 Green Anchor Business are integrated into equity partnerships with exclusive international RREVDR branding rights tied to proprietary services and products, intellectual property, options for participating in research and development contracts, sales and licensing agreements, merchandising and revenue sharing that includes destination resort tours, entrance fees, various eco-resort and green recreational ecotourism programs and packages.  

Each Green Business will purchase land parcels for their anchor business and will fund and build their own separate business infrastructure developments, construction, employee base and have their own separate business identity and proprietary equip-ment.   They will be able to use the applicable RREVDR green electricity, water, sewage, waste management and all the destination resort services listed in the RREVDR Green Anchor Business Agreement.   


Each of the 23 Green Businesses listed below will be part of the RREVDR international brand messaging, cross-promotions, brand packaging and will share in the resort revenue profits.  All 23 Green Businesses will participate and make available their respective business service in RREVDR green eco-resort tours for public, schools, strategic partners, tour groups, media, celebrities and research programs worldwide.

The RVEVDR development has outlined a charter to operate as a quasi-municipality corporate entity and HOA integrating 450 green homes with 23 Green Anchor Businesses.   Please contact us regarding your green business interest, expertise and partici-pation capabilities.   We're looking for like-minded visionaries and green businesses to join our RREVDR elite green design team. 

The World's First Integrated Smart Grid Eco-Village Destination Resort Community in a Sustainable
Model of Responsible Stewardship on 2,110 Acres with Off-Grid Renewable Green Energy
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